OUTBACK_Milano is a work of urban exploration  along the edges of the city, in the north-eastern area of Milan.
The title refers to an indefinite territory that develops around via Padova, where I live since 2016. The area is reachable once overcoming the three infrastructural barriers created by the intersection of 3 railway junctions. As immediately OUTSIDE, and beyond, in the BACK of these physical boundaries, the area stretches to the outer skirts of the city, as far as I can get walking throughout the day.
Starting from home, I cross a bridge, or walk  through a tunnel, a bit like Alice through the rabbit hole, at the end of which shows up a landscape made of old and new housing, electric pylons, railway yards, joint motorways and water canals; city parks, urban gardens and cultivated fields, as well as industrial districts. But also abandoned areas made of open landfills or unfinished urban works.
Here the north-eastern districts of Milan – Feltre, Rottole, Cimiano, Crescenzago, Turro, Gorla, Ponte Nuovo, Greco, Precotto, Villa San Giovanni, Quartiere Adriano, Ortica and Lambrate – meet the satellite suburbs of Cascina Gobba, Cologno Monzese, Vimodrone and Sesto San Giovanni.
The shooting began sporadically in the spring of 2018, was continuosly carried out over the last two years.
During my long walks, I actually developed this urban exploration more and more intensely,  collecting this visual archive of a very peculiar and very fascinating landscape.



2021 – New Outside: Contemporary Landscapes, 1 year exhibition curated by Austin Benjamin and Jess Bernhart for the ATL Airport Art  Program c/o Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.