These images are part of the second chapter of a photographic work in progress that documents the transformations of the internal and external spaces of the recovered and self-managed factory of RiMaflow in Trezzano sul Naviglio (Milan). In this case the documentation took place during the difficult circumstances caused by the judicial inquiry that involved Rimaflow in 2018, strongly threatening its utopian experiment oriented to cooperative work, mutualism and solidarity.
The title of this second chapter, which reflects the political-historical scenario in which I ran this phase of my work, recalls an article published in the Swiss newspaper Le Courrier, referring to the trial events of RiMaflow.
On a conceptual level, the attempt to document this experience starting from the dialectical process of the material structures of the factory, represents the need to metaphorically translate, through photography, a philosophical “materialistic” approach. In this perspective, through a visual recording of changes in the material structures where the seed of utopia was actually generated, I tried to represent the material conditions in which the concreteness of its historical process develops.



2019 – F(l)ight sketches – for Bert Theis, Cercle Cité, Luxembourg

2020 – Ride into the sun – 3rd Industrial Art Biennal, Labin/Croazia