A series of nocturnal snapshots taken along the road that leads from Milan, the city where I was born and where I lived until 2001, to Cogliate, a small town of Brianza where I lived for more than 14 years, and where now my parents permanently live. This route represents for me the panorama that accompanied my repeated night journeys between Cogliate and Milan pushed by the need to maintain as much as possible contacts with all that was my previous life. A landscape made of highways, gasoline stations, fast-foods, shopping centers, sex shops and motels, which fade into the
background until you get lost in small streets surrounded by thick woods. A scenery beyond which the unknown opens up for me, being only a crossing point, which I pass through like a sort of huge
cinematographic backdrop.

The work was presented with a site-specific installation and an indipendent publication whitin the project BY NIGHT, a collection of nocturnal photo-stories by CROP Collective, at Libreria Popolare in via Tadino in Milan, as part of the national event #lettidinotte (#readbynight), the white night of bookshops, held on the night of June 20th 2015

2015 – #lettidinotte, the white night of bookshops By Night with CROP Collective Libreria Popolare di via Tadino, Milan