2012 –

The theme of work is the transition from analog to digital film projection. Over the past 20 years, this phenomenon has led to the disappearance of many old cinemas from the city center of Milan, and the simultaneous proliferation of huge multiplexes close to the peripheral areas. These images are taken in the some remaining historic movie theatres of Milan, including those which have fully switched to digital technology, and those still occasionally projecting in analog, even if not for much longer. According to EU legislation, in fact, analog movies could be no longer projected after January 2014, completing therefore the transition from film to digital systems.
In order to be consistent with the very subject of the work, pictures have been taken on film, using a 35mm format – historically the most popular film format adopted for negative and positive projection, and the basis for the development of photo size 135, which retains the same frame size of 24×36 mm. This choice is aimed at highlighting the common roots of cinema and photography, both jeopardised, nowadays, by the advent of digital technologies. The shots have been realized with 100 ISO film and with no additional lighting than that already present in the location.