These images are part of the first chapter of a photographic work in progress that documents the transformations of the internal and external spaces of the recovered and self-managed RiMaflow factory in Trezzano sul Naviglio (Milan).
The project was born on the suggestion of Bert Theis as part of the Isola Art Center activity dedicated to the theme of concrete utopias. The produced images constitute the first volume of a series of publications that will periodically track the evolution and the variations of intended use of the RiMaflow environments.
On a conceptual level, the documentation of this process, besides introducing a temporal dimension facing the future, also wants to be a bet full of hopes on the chances of Utopia. A test on its possibility to actualize itself in the mesh of reality and on its possibility of transformation and action in the concreteness of the world.



2017 – Because I could never seem to swim, I decided to fly. For Bert Theis, with Isola Art Center – RiMaflow (Sala Utopia), Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI) – Federico Bianchi Contemporary Art, Milan

2018 – solo exhibition RI-MAFLOW\Utopia in Progress – Le Printemps de Septembre Festival – Espace Saint-Cyprien, Toulouse (France)

2019 – F(l)ight sketches – for Bert Theis, Cercle Cité, Luxembourg

2020 – Ride into the sun – 3rd Industrial Art Biennal, Labin/Croazia