These images are part of the third chapter of a photographic work in progress that documents the transformations of the internal and external spaces of the recovered and self-managed RiMaflow factory. The documentation took place during the re-location of RiMaflow headquarters to a new industrial structure, also located in Trezzano sul Naviglio (Milan).
The new sheds have an important symbolic value because they belonged to Autosystem Climatronic, an automotive sector company twin of Maflow, closed and relocated in 2018. And they were purchased thanks to the dispute victory against Unicredit Leasing (the owner of the ex-Maflow buildings), which led to the recognition of an economic contribution to RiMaflow cooperative for the important activities carried out by the workers during the six years of occupation.
The re-location, after a long struggle for regularization, entails a further evolution of RiMaflow project: the transition from an illegal occupation to a full regularity situation that opens the way to opportunities but also to the risks that derive from moving completely within a market economy.
Conceptually, I have tried to visually represent how this transition process not only reflects a change in the material structures in which the utopian ideal finds its practical realization, but can also imply a real redefinition of the same theoretical parameters through which the evolution of the concept of Concrete Utopia adapts to the contingency of historical process.



2020 – Ride into the sun – 3rd Industrial Art Biennal, Labin/Croazia