\ Riviera dei Fiori : Ventimiglia – Camporosso – Vallecrosia – Bordighera – Ospedaletti – Sanremo – Taggia – Riva Ligure – Santo Stefano – San Lorenzo a Mare

The photographs that make up this elegy dedicated to “My Riviera” refer to the last two summers I spent in this place. They are not meant to be an exhaustive representation of these places, but simply a series of impressions raised by the pure pleasure of photographing, letting me be fascinated by what touches my eyes.
I have spent my summer holidays on the Riviera dei Fiori for many years. It is a place I know very well, and to which I dedicated photographic series in the past, too. Every time I come back here I enjoy taking long walks with the camera along the coast, from Ventimiglia, on the border with France, towards Sanremo to San Lorenzo a Mare. I wanted to mainly capture marginal and ordinary aspects of the landscape, which is what intrigues me the most: a landscape every time capable of evoking a strong sense of nostalgia inside of me. “My Riviera” is a personal tribute to this landscape that I got to love over the time and through the eye of the camera.

The series is based on a very direct photographic relationship with the landscape and focuses on the decadent view which is very typical of this area of the Liguria. It is difficult to rationally explain the deep reasons behind this fascination, it is linked to something indefinite, hard to focus, which has to do with the pleasure given capturing these scenes photographically, and obviously my preference for a certain kind of landscape photography. The crucial point is the direct connection with the impressions and the emotions generated by observing the pictures, because the work lies on “My” relationship with the Riviera through the camera, rather on than the Riviera itself. For this reason I speak about “pure pleasure of photography”, a pleasure that satisfies itself with no need for projectual or rational superstructures. Compared to my other works, this series is infact particularly precious on a personal level, due to its highly emotional and intimate factor, and it can actually thoroughly represent my love for this territory and landscape photography.


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