Ludovico Winter (1846 – 1912) was a German botanist and landscape architect, known above all for his decisive role in the spread of palm trees in the Riviera Ligure. After working for years at the famous Hanbury Gardens in Mortola (Ventimiglia), between 1870 and 1880 he specialized in adapting the rocky coast and the hinterland of Bordighera to different cultivations of exotic species (palms, cacti, agaves and many others species coming from remote lands), thus initiating an intense nursery activity, which contributed to the transformation of the appearance of the landscape, replacing and integrating the pre-existing agricultural crops. The project focuses on the legacy left by Ludovico Winter in the Bordighera area. However, it is not limited to portraying plants and glimpses of the gardens more directly related to his work, or to his closest students and heirs, but also brings attention to all those interstitial spaces, apparently marginal, in which a luxuriance of palm trees, succulents, and other plants, more or less exotic, denote the visual landscape characteristic of this area of the Riviera. From the original nineteenth-century nurseries in which they were planted, these botanical species seem in fact to have ended up in expanding to all the surrounding environment, generating an extensive garden with undefined outlines, but which still preserves the imprint of this important legacy.

The project was exhibited as a chapter of “ISO-FLORA” project by CROP Collective, in Sanremo in the liberty greenhouse of the Pedriali Pavilion of Villa Ormond Park, as part of the exhibition “Viridi. Photographic declinations of the green”. The event, organized by Sanremo Photo Academy in the context of the first edition of the Photo Festival Spazivisivi sponsored by the Liguria Region, the Province of Imperia and the Municipality of Sanremo, presented the work of photographers and artists who used photography to investigate the concept of botany and green.


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2023 – Winter Garten – Galleria Matria, Milan
2017 – with ISO-Flora project by CROP Collective Spazivisivi Photo Festival VIRIDI. Declinazioni fotografiche del verde,Villa Ormond Sanremo (IM), Italy