2013 –

SummerPark is an ongoing project on sport and life in city parks as a metaphor of the globalized contemporary world. The project documents the sport played by some foreign communities within the parks of Milan. Sports that these communities already practiced in their country of origin and whose practice acts in a more or less relevant manner in the keep alive their traditions and sense of belonging, sometimes with paradoxical implications. Many of these sports in fact, even those apparently more exotic such as cricket, are born historically in the West but, as a result of various processes of colonization, they had wide spread and taken root in areas of the world very different from that of origin.
Through these performative practices, often real rituals of identity, these communities tell us not only an important aspect of their present cultural heritage, but also remind us how identity, far from being a static and well-defined entity, is the outcome of a long and complex process of historical and social change, ever-changing and full of implications difficult to categorize unambiguously and simplistic.
Part of the work was presented with a site-specific installation and an indipendent publication whitin UNDERCOVER MILANO. A project by CROP Collective composed of a series of photographic works that, in the year of Milano EXPO 2015, propose to offer a different look on the city, able to highlight its richness and complexity, compared to the dominant cover image presented by the media during the months before the international exhibition.

UNDERCOVER_MILANO was presented at the Fabbrica del Vapore in May 2015 and was also exhibited at Palazzo Marino on the occasion of the initiatives of the Republic Day in June 2015, upon invitation of the Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia as recognition of the value of the operation.